5 Questions with Seres Lu - VP, Marketing

Last Update 01/31/2022

If you’re reading this, it’s because our Vice President of Marketing Seres Lu is good at her job. Whether it’s through advertisements, partnerships, design, or further innovation, she leads our efforts to promote Grayscale and by extension, to help more investors access the digital asset ecosystem. 


Q: Welcome to the team! To start, can you walk us through the highlights of your professional career that led you to this moment, as Grayscale’s new VP of Marketing?

Seres Lu: There have technically been three pivots in my career – I went to school for journalism and was a business reporter first. I realized that there was a difference between writing and reporting, and that I was better at the first one. Then, I moved into the agency world to do integrated communications, which includes traditional PR, as well as marketing. I was first exposed to Grayscale when I worked at Vested, Grayscale’s agency of record, and was lucky enough to make the move in-house. Now I get to focus on a company I love and work in one of the most exciting industries in the world.


Q: How did you “get into” crypto? What piqued your interest in the asset class?

Seres Lu: I first learned about crypto in 2017, when nearly all of my (guy) friends were talking about this crazy investment “scheme” to make money. The stereotypes around crypto were rampant back then. I started to learn about blockchain technology through work on one of my institutional clients, that was experimenting with moving traditional financial infrastructure onto the blockchain and smart contracts. I made the connection that this asset class represented more than just a new type of investment, and was actually underpinned by technology innovations that had the potential to reimagine the entire financial system.


Q: Keeping this next question simple: why Grayscale? 

Seres Lu: When it comes to investing, I’d always hoped for a company that can help me see around the corner, that gives me access and opportunity to invest in things that would otherwise be too difficult, or complicated, or intimidating to do on my own. Grayscale is focused on the future – it has early insight into the latest developments in the digital economy through being a part of the Digital Currency Group family, and the capability to research and diligence those developments. I think our products reflect emerging trends and tell a story about the world we live in, so from both an investor and career perspective for me, Grayscale was a no-brainer.


Q: There’s so much attention and excitement around the crypto ecosystem, and there are new developments every day. How do you position Grayscale’s brand and products in this ever-changing environment?

Seres Lu: As a brand, earning and keeping the trust of our clients underlie everything we do. That’s especially the case in crypto. Precisely because there is so much going on in this space, people are looking for established brands  and Grayscale has one of the longest track records in our industry. After trust, it’s about continually impressing our clients, and this comes from not only satisfying existing demand, but bringing into focus the unknown – new products that represent the future.

Ultimately, investors are investing for a better future, and everything we do as a business is to help in that pursuit. If we can get them to see Grayscale as their compass, and to trust us in the building of their financial legacy – whatever it might be – we’ll have been successful.


Q: What is something you know now that you wish you knew at the start of your career?

Seres Lu: There is always a layer of anxiety at the start of your career when you’re wondering if you’ve made the right decision to choose a particular path, and so you might spend a lot of time contemplating your next move and trying to ‘think’ your way to some other role. Given how my own career has developed, I’ve learned that focusing on the job you have and putting in the best effort you can will help you naturally discover what you’re good at and what you love, and that other people will recognize it too. No one will fault you for not being good at something, and they will absolutely open doors for you to continue doing that thing you are good at.

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