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We have been offering investors the ability to add crypto investments to their brokerage accounts and IRAs for over a decade. As a leading crypto asset manager, investors turn to us to gain exposure to crypto.

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Our History

A track record of operating in crypto. 10 years and counting.

Grayscale was founded in 2013, and is a leading crypto asset manager. Investors, advisors, and allocators turn to Grayscale for single asset, diversified, and thematic exposure. 


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Our Products

Explore our diverse suite of crypto funds. 16 and growing.

Grayscale pioneered creating and scaling crypto investment products. We believe crypto has a place in the future, and our mission is to create a share of that future for everyone. We created the first publicly-quoted Bitcoin and Ethereum funds, among others.


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Grayscale Crypto Sectors

Organize the crypto asset class.

Grayscale Crypto Sectors is a framework designed to help investors better understand the crypto asset class. We’ve organized and categorized over 150 crypto assets into five sectors based on their primary use case and technical function, similar to how traditional assets have been classified for decades.


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About Our Ads

We’re happy you’re curious about our ads in Grand Central. Our inspiration behind the creative is the crypto universe, and how Grayscale can be your guide to this new world. Crypto as an asset class is still emerging, and may feel large and complex. With Grayscale, it doesn’t have to be.

The creative is designed to offer viewers a window into the crypto universe through Grayscale. In using large, 3D renders of our logo and playing with lighting and our visual element of the ‘shares’, we hope viewers feel like there’s a world behind the picture, one that they can step into and explore.


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