Utilities & Services

This Sector includes crypto assets that aim to deliver practical and enterprise-level applications and functionalities.


Utilities & Services:

  • Infrastructure Backbone: This sector provides essential tools and services that power various crypto platforms and applications.


  • Diverse Offerings: From data oracles to decentralized storage, the offerings are diverse and cater to specific needs within the ecosystem.


  • Future Necessity: We believe, as the crypto universe evolves, so does the demand for these foundational services.

Representative Assets*

Chainlink acts as a bridge connecting digital blockchain data with real-world information. This connectivity allows smart contracts on Ethereum and other platforms to interact with external data and systems.

Current banking systems allow customers to earn interest on deposits; Lido offers something similar for cryptocurrency by allowing users to earn rewards on their staked Ethereum.

In the way cloud storage providers offer space to store files, Filecoin seeks to decentralize this concept. It's a market where users can rent out storage or pay to store files from others, all powered by blockchain technology.

Through a decentralized wireless network, Helium empowers devices to communicate over long ranges without cellular connections. Individuals set up their wireless hotspots, which then form a decentralized network for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and in return, these individuals earn Helium tokens.

Rendering high-quality graphics requires a lot of computer power. Render aims to address this challenge by harnessing the collective power of many computers globally, allowing creators to render high-quality graphics by tapping into this decentralized graphics processing network, and compensating those who lend their computing power.

* Representative assets are for illustrative purposes only and are subject to change.

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